The Goal of Grattan Financial Strategies, Inc.




Commitment to Superior Service Over the past two decades, the professionals of GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC. (GFS) have demonstrated the skill, integrity and market prowess necessary to manage and direct the invested assets of our clients. Our ability to identify appropriate investment alternatives has led to long standing client relationships based on trust, continuity and communication.


GFS offers the professional expertise necessary for sound direction. Our internal staff and outside professional relationships is comprised of investment managers, securities analysts, pension advisors and financial planners with diverse backgrounds. A commitment to the team approach assures each client the full benefit of our collective ability.


Elements for Successful Investing
Our clientele consists of individuals, small business owners and corporations striving to maximize the growth of their invested funds. In addition we serve as consultants to attorneys, CPA's and other financial advisors who wish to assist their clients in achieving financial independence. While the objectives of these clients may be very different, all require the same vital elements for successful investment management.


Individualized Consideration

Advance Planning

Directive Control


Timely Communication


We Listen To You
In response to the specific needs and desires of our individual, corporate and small business clients, the services offered by GFS have evolved into these specialized opportunities.


Asset Management

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Executive Life Style Planning

Individual Needs Analysis

Business Valuation


MAXIMIZING YOUR FINANCIAL RESOURCES Asset Management A portfolio is like a pair of shoes. Wear them as long as they are comfortable and fit the occasion. Change them when either of these facts is no longer true. Directed by your financial objectives and the level of risk you wish to assume, GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC. offers recommendations tailored to your individual situation and personality. Quality Investment Alternatives are identified for you, diversified sufficiently to enjoy participation under various market conditions and flexible enough to change as needed.


Timely reports in understandable and concise language are prepared and forwarded to you regularly. Your goals remain in view and may be attainable, with an investment portfolio that fits you.


Comprehensive Financial Planning


You are unique! And yet, you share something with every other individual striving to reach a goal.


 You need a structured, definitive plan for success. Your individual financial situation requires and deserves a plan tailored specifically to your time frame, personality and ability to assume risk and level of personal wealth. To develop this plan,

We begin by identifying your objectives and priorities.

Once these have been established, relevant facts about your financial history are collected.

Your personal economic assumptions and investment philosophies are assessed.


The GFS team of professionals then analyzes your present position and suggests alternative strategies for achieving your goals. The plan typically includes advice about securities, employee benefits, gift and estate planning and income tax considerations. We will recommend a balanced blend of investments within your economic comfort level, with the goal of increasing your rate of return while taking the least amount of risk.


A Customized Financial Plan prepared by GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC. will provide the direction and peace mind that comes from knowing your situation has been thoroughly analyzed.


 Executive Life Style Planning You want to make that day, when you no longer wish to work, a very secure time in your life. That is why you are willing to do without some dollars today and place them in your retirement plan. GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC. is sensitive to that basic investment desire. You want those dollars to be there when you need them. And, more importantly, you want them to have experienced the growth necessary to make your golden years truly golden. Whether it is an individual investment, an IRA contribution, a corporate retirement plan deposit or distribution, we listen to you and offer recommendations to meet your needs. Included in our Executive Life Style Planning Services is a program designed to assist employers in preparing their employees for retirement. The program consists of:


A series of educational seminars addressing issues relevant to the. mature executive,
Optional individual financial, estate, and insurance counseling.


Individual Needs Analysis Clients are often faced with specific financial decisions that may require professional advice. While this decision may not be so complex as to require a full financial review, it may still demand the attention of a professional.


GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC. offers individual needs analysis to fill this void. This service is aimed at the resolution of a particular question, the satisfaction of a specific need, and is available on an hourly basis.


 Business Valuation As an owner or partner in a Business Entity, the value of your business is your future. GFS performs detailed analysis and valuation under separate contract.