Professional Financial Management
 The constant uncertainties of life affect our financial futures every minute of every day.
Ask yourself these questions:
Is my financial future secure?
Do I know my net worth?
If my family had to depend on our net worth, could they live on the income generated?
Do I know how much it will take to educate my children?
Do I know how much it will take to supplement my retirement income?
What alternatives should I be considering for my portfolio?
Where should my net cash flow be positioned to compliment my present investments?
Is my insurance plan suited to my personal needs?
Is my present estate plan structured to minimize my final taxes and expenses?

These are vital questions. The answers can be found through professional financial management.



During your first in-person conversation with us, we will discuss your current situation, your ideas about the long-term future and your goals and objectives. There is neither charge nor obligation for your first meeting with us.

If you decide, after getting to know us, that the philosophy of GRATTAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, INC.(GFS) fits you and your own "financial personality," a comprehensive financial review can be developed to address your particular needs as they relate to investments, expense management, cash flow, taxes, insurance coverage, retirement and estate planning.

Balance By suggesting a balanced blend of investments structured around our asset allocation model and your economic comfort level, we strive to fulfill our mutual goal. The Goal: maximize the growth of your assets with the least amount of risk.
Investment Alternatives
Our objective recommendations regarding investments and portfolio techniques are structured to reflect your personal comfort level. This allows you the peace of mind you need and deserve.
Your plan enjoys the benefits of our state-of-the-art systems and resources, as well as our ability to act on and anticipate economic trends. You will be comfortable knowing a team of professionals is implementing your financial future. Coordination
We provide periodic written reviews of your progress. Our promise is to keep you informed through communication and timely reporting of issues vital to your financial security. Teamwork
As an integral part of your advisory team, we seek a working relationship with the other advisors you have selected. We urge you to continue those associations you have found to be successful. Our primary function is to provide focus and direction taking you forward to assist you in achieving your financial goals.


Some things in your personal future you can control. You have the power to take control of your Personal Financial Future.


The level of your income and how you earn it.
How much is spent for your day-today cost of living and luxuries.
How to invest the dollars saved for your future.

By selecting a capable and dependable team of professionals and placing the planning and management of your finances in their hands, you will achieve a high level of peace-of-mind through the knowledge that you have taken control of your financial universe.

If you would like to know more about Financial Management, or perhaps, how to get started, please call us. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is. Call us today for a personal appointment at 800-450-0840